Fiberglass Pipe Flanges

Two types of fabrication are utilized in producing flanges.

An Integral Flange Mold can be used. This method produces a one piece integral flange.

Another method fabricates a flange onto a piece of pipe or fitting, hence Flange on Pipe. This method is used exclusively for a flange placed directly on a pipe elbow, reducer or other fitting. The flange is built onto the end of the fitting without the stub

Standard flange diameters and bolting for 24 ID flanges and smaller conform to the 150 pound Standard of ASA B16.5. Flange ID’s larger than 24 ID conform to the 125 pound Standard of ASA B16.5.
Complete customized flanges designed to either method of fabrication can be engineered to your specifications at Bittner Industries.

Flange on pipe

1. Based on flat-faced flanges with full-face soft gaskets.
2. Flange dimensions (except thickness) and bolting correspond to the following standards:
    • 2-inch through 24-inch sizes: USA Std. B-16.5 for 150 lb steel flanges
    • 30-inch through 42-inch sizes: USA Std. B16.1 for 125 lb steel flanges
3. This is based on a safety factor of 8 to1 and flexural strength of 20,000 psi
This latter value is slightly under the minimum flexural strength for laminates of 3/8
inch and up.
4. PSI ratings available - DUCT (25PSI), 50, 75, 100, 125, 150