Environmental Fiberglass Products

Rubber Lined Pipe Duct
• Stacks

• Scrubbers
• Adsorbers
Fiberglass Flanges & Fittings

Rubber Lined Pipe • FRP Flanges
• FRP Fittings

Custom Fiberglass Fabrications

Frp Tanks• Custom Fabrications
• Custom FRP Tanks

Bittner Unique FRP Products

Hose-Racks FRP Hose Racks
• FRP Alarm Housings
• FRP Antenna

• Custom FRP Enclosures
• De-Grouping Rods
Your Unique Designs
for Ind. Applications
Inspection & Other Services

• Inspection of Your Plant FRP or Rubber
  Lined products

• Repairs to your used FRP & Rubber Lined Products at our shop. A 10 ton overhead crane and 30 ft. autoclave are available.
Fiberglass Repair Kits

Over The Road Tanker Linings

Tanker Truck services• Inspection & Repair of Tanker FRP, Rubber and Plasite Linings with Certification Report
• .USDOT Cargo Tank Number 7034

Fiberglass-Pipe rubber-lining frp-fabrication

"Bittner Industries is a responsible industrial family-owned business that regards innovation in products and services along with safe processes
with limited environmental impact, the core of a sustainable future"

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